Shipwreck of the SV Concordia

On February 17th 2010, the vessel, SV Concordia, capsized off the coast of Brazil with 79 passengers aboard: 63 students and a crew of 16.

On February 20th, despite the storm and spending 48 hours in life rafts, everyone was rescued and transported safely to the port of Rio de Janeiro with the help of military and merchant ships. Once on dry land, AXA Assistance assumed responsibility of all passengers.


February 19th

4:00 p.m.

  • Take charge of the 79 passengers. Crisis management team sets up emergency operations center
  • AXA Assistance team of 2 logistic specialists, 4 psychologists and 1 doctor are sent to the site to evaluate and take charge of the victims when they reach dry land the next morning
  • Activation of a phone line for parents and family members of the passengers
  • Contact various consulates and embassies, including MAECI, to secure their cooperation prior to the repatriation of the victims

February 20th


  • Welcome parents arriving in Rio de Janeiro
  • Reserve hotel accommodations for the victims and their families
  • Coordinate transportation between the port of Rio and the hotel 


1 :00 p.m. Arrival of boats carrying victims to the port of Rio

  • Psychological and medical evaluation of passengers is made on arrival at the port of Rio de Janeiro to identify the best course of treatment for each individual
  • Hospitalization of certain passengers due to dehydration, fracture and/or burns
  • Offer passengers some basic necessities such as clothing, sandals, hygiene products and money for personal expenses
  • Transfer individuals to the hotel
  • Collaboration with consulates, according to each passenger’s nationality, to produce the necessary papers for repatriation to their homeland

February 21st

  • Follow-up with hospitalized patients; follow-up between treating physicians onsite and AXA Assistance’s Medical Desk
  • With the collaboration of the Canadian Consulate, organize bus transportation from Rio to Sao Paolo for 44 Canadians. Reserve a night flight from Sao Paolo to Toronto
  • Coordination of travel itineraries for the American, German and Mexican passengers
  • Departure to Toronto of 4 AXA Assistance team members, based in Montreal, to take care of the Canadians on arrival at the Toronto Pearson International Airport the next morning. Moral support and assistance is offered to help them catch their flights back home

February 22nd to 26th

Final follow-up contacting each victim to ensure everyone arrived home safely

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