Pregnancy in Tanzania

Marie was working as an expatriate in Tanzania and was 7 months pregnant. We received a call when she suffered complications and doctors were worried her fetus may not survive.

The treating physicians onsite determined Marie’s state to be unstable eliminating the possibility to transfer her to another healthcare center.

Without delay, our medical team stepped in and took over the case. They evaluated and discussed the delicate situation with the treating physicians to map out all the possible avenues that would ensure the best outcome. We then located a certified neonatal center in Johannesburg that was ready to welcome Marie and her unborn child. At that moment, our medical staff decided to evacuate her immediately as the risks for the baby and the mother were too great at the hospital where Marie was treated and there was a greater chance of survival at the neonatal center. We coordinated the evacuation by Air Ambulance directly to the hospital in Johannesburg. The specialists on site were able to save both lives. Marie returned to Canada to complete her maternity leave and enjoys her new role as a mother.

Within a few hours, we were able to respond quickly, make decisions based on the available information and evacuate Marie to a more qualified center. All this was made possible due to the strength of our network and our specialized medical team.

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