Lost in Venice

At the time, Pierre and Laura had been retired for 10 years. To celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, they had decided to take a trip to Italy to visit the romantic city of Venice. Initially, Laura contacted me when her husband had fallen and was in pain.

Our offices coordinated the services of a water ambulance to bring Pierre to shore, transferred him to a ground ambulance which then brought him to the closest hospital. We organised the services of an interpreter to help them understand the doctors’ explanations. Pierre was diagnosed with a fractured femur which some consider to be a minimal discomfort requiring only a cast to heal. In reality, when travelling abroad, all our landmarks change. Where do you turn for help in a medical emergency and how to explain yourself in a language other than your own can have a destabilizing effect.

In the end, I believe we were able to reassure them with the moral support they needed. Since the treatments were longer than expected, Laura and Pierre missed their return flights. We coordinated another flight for them and made sure Pierre would be followed by a doctor back home.

After their return to Canada and as an expression of their gratitude, Laura and Pierre invited me to have supper with them. I was really touched to see that I had made a difference in their lives during a difficult and stressful experience abroad.

– Marie-Claude –

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