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Legal assistance is an efficient way to receive personalized legal information in clear language placing clients in a much better position to evaluate their situation.


With experts practicing throughout Canada, our lawyers adapt to each client’s individual needs. They can help with litigation issues, answer questions concerning Canadian laws or advise on a particular case presented.

Access to legal information is an opportunity to have a good grasp of the law, one’s rights and the legal procedures that apply to a specific case. With enough information in hand, a client can then proceed to make a well thought out and sound decision.

Claims management

Besides legal assistance offered to your clients directly, we can help with claims management. Our lawyers can determine eligibility, undertake an analysis and make recommendations on claims submitted.


Legal assistance for different sectors


  • matrimonial regimes
  • parental responsibility
  • marriage
  • divorce

Penal and criminal

  • fines
  • driving under the influence
  • fraud


  • neighbour disputes
  • latent defects
  • lease termination
  • repairs

Consumer protection

  • damaged goods
  • cancelling a contract or subscription
  • identity theft


  • termination without just and sufficient cause
  • harassment
  • work accident

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