To optimize the customer’s experience

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Explore Services

Are you looking for the highest quality customer service that will mirror your company’s image and win the loyalty of your clients? AXA Assistance Canada offers a customized service with dedicated lines and agents.

Scope of service

A service to match your values

We work with you to guarantee a smooth transition for your clients. We evaluate your needs, position your brand on the market and adopt an approach suited to your clientele.

Beyond efficient

On the cutting edge of technology, we run one of the most high-performing customer service programs around. Thanks to our system supporting inbound and outbound calls and the knack of our informatics specialists to create made-to-measure web applications, AXA Assistance Canada offers a service that is nothing short of awesome.

Areas of Expertise

We will stay close to your clients to build and strengthen your relationship with each of them.

  • Products sale
  • Technical support
  • Customer service
  • Lines overflow
  • Account Management
  • Surveys
  • Appointment booking
  • Custom Programs

Detailed reports

Thanks to our detailed reporting system, you will have a better understanding of your clients and their needs.

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