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Are your clients organizing a trip or planning to surprise their loved one? Our concierges are available around the clock to help coordinate all the arrangements.

Whether it’s a hotel reservation, supper at a restaurant or tickets for a show, our agents will take care of the request! Our concierge service will simplify the lives of your clients.

At your service

Our concierges are always looking for ways to satisfy your clients and even to surprise them. They will not hesitate to suggest complementary services that marry well with the initial demand. As an example, while booking a flight, our concierges may offer to reserve hotel accommodations and dinner at a restaurant. With a personalized concierge service, you will build and win your clients’ loyalty.

Discover Concierge

Our services are not limited to specific domains. They adapt to your client's requests! Discover how we can help them.

A service that makes a difference

We attract, recruit and retain the most talented individuals to ensure the delivery of a top notch Concierge service. We engage professionals with the standards of excellence that meet our criteria followed by a lengthy structured and rigorous training program. We hire previous members of Les Clef D’or Canada, a society held in high regard by the hotel concierge industry.

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