AXA Assistance contributes to the evolution of health care with travel teleconsultation

Canadians travel around all over the world. According to the World Tourism Organization, in 2015, Canadians made 32.3 million trips lasting at least one night. Meanwhile, according to Forbes, there are almost 2 billion smartphone users worldwide. As technology evolves, telemedicine possibilities are also evolving, and with the number of Canadians travelling, studying or working abroad, teleconsultation services are proving to be a great tool to help those who have medical concerns while abroad.

According to our market research, 70% of medical visits can be managed by phone and 50% of emergency room visits are not real emergencies. Furthermore, access to health care may be dangerous in a foreign country where language, culture and medical procedures are not always the same as here.

In addition to our travel assistance offer, our teleconsultation service provides your clients with a readily accessible solution, including screening by a nurse, followed by a diagnosis with a physician via videoconference, as well as treatments and prescriptions adapted to their needs.  These medical consultation services provided by AXA Assistance to Canadians travelling abroad are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, directly on their mobile phone or computer. With this offer, your customers can improve their quality of life abroad, while reducing wait times and costs related to medical care.  By facilitating access to health care abroad, our innovative teleconsultation solution improves the peace of mind of your customers and increases their commitment and loyalty towards your business.

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