AXA Assistance continues its growth in the spirit of innovation

AXA Assistance Canada records the second consecutive year of double-digit growth, sustained by its innovation policy geared to health, mobility and legal services. Six new digital offers are now available across Canada, making everyday life easier for consumers.

  • Connected Health, allowing clients to transmit health data securely via digital sensors to a medical team.
  • Teleconsultation, giving digital access at all times to a team of doctors and nurses for medical consultation via a smartphone or a computer.
  • Omni-channel Roadside Assistance, proposing an innovative client experience through the use of a chatbot or mobile site to make a roadside assistance request.
  • International Safety and Mobility, offering an app for expatriates that combines medical services and safety alerts across the globe.
  • Self-Service Legal Protection, combining traditional legal assistance services complemented by a new digital platform.
  • Hybrid Concierge Services, combining artificial intelligence with traditional concierge services for a personal assistance solution.

“Our new digital solutions bring us closer to our clients by adapting to their new lifestyles,” explains Isabelle Cerf, CEO of AXA Assistance Canada. “We want to become the reference point in client experience and innovation for our partners and our clients!”

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a demonstration of these new solutions.

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