AXA Assistance action in Nepal

AXA Assistance has activated a crisis team in Asia

Following the tragic earthquake in Nepal, please find below an update on the capabilities that are being deployed by AXA Assistance to provide assistance and manage the crisis.

From Sunday 26th April on, AXA Assistance has activated a crisis team in Asia. This crisis team is in charge of supervising and organizing our capabilities in the region. AXA Assistance operations center in New Delhi, India, is the activated leading operations center for this crisis, coordinating all requests coming from our 32 other assistance centers in the world. AXA Assistance Asia Regional Medical Director, Dr Olivier EAP, was immediately sent from Hong Kong to New Delhi to manage the medical operations. AXA Assistance has increased the number of Operations employees available to cope with a potential increase with the number of cases. Our Direction of International Operations is supervising this set-up and ensures good coordination at Group level.

Regarding on the ground capabilities, a first team from AXA Assistance India was deployed in Kathmandu yesterday. This team is managed by Dr Pradesh BERY, AXA Assistance India medical director, and composed of both nurses and operations. A second team coming from AXA Assistance Thailand will arrive on Thursday, staffed with Dr Gabriel COMES. These teams are in regular contact with our New Delhi operations center.

At Group level, AXA Assistance Group crisis committee was activated on Monday, piloted by General Secretary Franz REGIMBEAU. This committee is working closely with the authorities. Dr Alain GERGEREAU, Deputy Group International medical operations director is joining the French Ministère des Affaires Etrangères (MAE) crisis cell to ensure close coordination with government and local embassies.

AXA Assistance has decided to offer assistance not only to our clients: our capabilities will be made available to non-covered clients on a private case basis.

Alerts are also published on the Webcorp Site and Application of AXA Assistance.

AXA Assistance will communicate on a regular basis.

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