Artificial intelligence and human expertise for a unique personal assistance solution

As we move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, AXA is betting on innovation and artificial intelligence, and is offering a new mobile app to make users’ lives easier – both for their everyday life and for planning exceptional events. With this app, every user can ask anything, anywhere and at any time: a weekend car rental, a hotel for the next vacation, a trip abroad or simply a reservation at a favourite restaurant. When it comes to concierge services, PLEEZ knows it all. The app processes each and every request, from a simple request for information to a reservation or even cancellation.

With the combination of artificial intelligence and human expertise, we can always offer the user a quick and high-quality response and meet their expectations. The app, accessible through simple voice control or instant messaging, uses artificial intelligence to learn the tastes and preferences of users in order to anticipate their needs. But because, sometimes, nothing can replace human reasoning, real life experts will take over the request when necessary, without impacting the response time or the flow of the conversation.

Available as a white label, PLEEZ is an innovative and complementary solution for our travel and roadside assistance offers. The app addresses new consumer needs and follows the evolution of the traditional concierge model, with the emergence of new digital players on the market. AXA provides this complementary solution to improve your customers’ experience.

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