A first e-reputation assistance offer in Canada

With the growing risks of exposure of personal data on the web, paying special attention to the image we project is indispensable. Privacy, social status and professional status can easily be impacted. It is therefore important to find simple means of protecting ourselves against eventual attacks that could damage our e-reputation.

This summer, AXA Assistance launched the first assistance offer on the Canadian market to support and equip individuals in protecting themselves against online reputational damage.

The offer is articulated around two (2) axis:

  • Analysis of reputational damage: Working with experts, we offer an analysis of your e-reputation when it has been compromised. An intervention plan is then presented to demonstrate the tactics that can be applied to attempt to restore your reputation.
  • Restoration of e-reputation: Two (2) types of techniques can be used, “drowning” and “cleansing”. Our expert partners undertake to clean up malicious data on the Internet. “Cleansing” consists of deleting incriminating mentions, while “drowning” is a technique that pushes harmful content below other publications in the search engines so it becomes less visible and less consulted.

To learn more about this offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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