A digital solution for self-service legal assistance

A study conducted by AXA Legal Protection in 2016 found that 56% of Canadians consider that Canadian laws and regulations are difficult to understand. According to the same study, 61% of Canadians felt discouraged before even taking any steps to resolve a dispute. In addition, 7 out of 10 people felt that they did not have the financial means to defend themselves in the event of a litigation. All this data suggests that Canadians feel disadvantaged vis-à-vis the judicial system.

Legal assistance by phone is one of the services we have been providing for many years in Canada. Lawyers answer questions from our clients on a daily basis. However, we now observe significant changes in the legal industry, in particular with the increasing use of new technologies. Indeed, simplified access to legal information leads to a better understanding of the laws, rights and court processes that may apply to your clients and may help them make informed decisions.

In addition to the traditional legal assistance by phone, the new platform, offered as a white label, aims to provide a self-service option by providing access to:

  • Legal information, FAQs on the most common legal situations;
  • A library of standard documents and access to online references;
  • Customizable legal document templates, links to other resources to help complete them, etc.
  • Ability to schedule a phone appointment with a lawyer;
  • A network of dedicated lawyers across Canada.

Please send us an email at sales@axa-assistance.ca for a demo of the platform.

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